Grinding Spindles

High Frequency Grinding Spindle

High Frequency Spindles are many used for mass production where speed variation is required. This spindles are used mainly in bearing industries & auto component manufacturing industries.

High Frequency grinding spindle.png

Motorised Grinding Spindle 

Motorised Grinding Spindles are used mainly in retro fitting in existing grinding machines. where there is a size limitation in machine. The advantage of motorised grinding speed is you can have speed variation (RPM) with single spindle.

Motorised Grinding Spindle Head.png

Direct Drive Spindle

This spindles are directly coupled with motors with the help of couplings. These spindles are used mainly in surface grinding application

2- BD_7674_45 CONE_GW20.png

Belt Driven Grinding Spindles

Belt Driven Grinding Spindles are used in manual grinding machines. These spindle are driven by belt. the RPM range of these spindles are 5000 RPM to 30000 RPM

Belt driven grinding spindle.png